All Good Things

Posted 7 years, 35 weeks ago.

Out of the three podcasts I’ve done so far, Topical is one of the most fun I’ve had the pleasure of being a part of. This is in part because of my co-host, Russell, who I will continue to consider a close friend, long after this show is forgotten by everyone else.

It’s also because of the nature of the show: we’ve learned a lot about each other and about the world simply by having discussions. We didn’t always get things right, or come to the right conclusion, but we took the journey, and it was both enlightening and satisfying.

As is the eventual nature of everything, however, Topical is complete. I’m not saying that we’ve covered everything we possibly could have, or reached the end of things that we could talk about; neither would be true. We’ve simply come to the point where circumstances prohibit us from continuing, and while it’s sad (I will miss our weekly conversations), it’s also exciting to consider what is in store.

Thank you for listening, for caring enough to make us a part of your week, and most of all, thank you for having feelings about the end of this show. It’s been an incredible honour, and we’ll remember it until the robots take over and kill us all.