How I Edit

Posted 9 years, 10 weeks ago.

Up until about Tuesday this past week, I had an episode ready to launch as Topical’s first (or its first legitimate episode, anyway). This changed pretty soon after the Apple event that occurred on the 9th, as Rusty had some feels to get out.

This lead to recording an episode, and as I was otherwise occupied for the remainder of the week, handing over the editing reins to Russell. He had never edited audio before, but I gave him the best start I could and left him to it. The result? A Friday where we each took turns making improvements to his original edit and prepping it as quickly as we could so we could get it out there on-time, or as close to as was possible.

With that in mind, I’ve decided to somewhat document my editing process in a series of blog posts. These are mainly for his sake, but also because there are a lot of potential podcasters out there who would like to know how this process takes place. While I am by no means an expert in audio editing, I pride myself in the quality I put out, and maybe this will help others improve theirs.

I’ll be writing and publishing these over the next few weeks and linking to them from here. I hope you enjoy the read, and maybe learn something. If you think I’m doing something wrong, please let me know; I’m always up for learning a better way of handling this stuff. God knows I could do it better.