One More Thing 2012

Posted 11 years, 51 weeks ago.

These are the notes I took during the talks at the One More Thing conference in 2012, including the slides which I’ve collected into one convenient place.

Igor Pušenjak (Lima Sky)

  • Apps are digital snacks
  • “Just one more game” appeal
  • Don’t limit PR to just the big guys. Email everyone.
  • Be persistent and excited: why is your app special?
  • Cross promotion
  • Connect with players and include social media

Winter Wong (Tapatalk)

  • Only show “rate me” pop up to people who use a lot (50th time).
  • Don’t show when the app crashes (reset the counter).
  • Turn off the rate alert remotely if there is a known bug causing crashes.
  • If rating is poor:
    • Update frequently, rolling out features and bug fixes
    • Rating is reset for each release
  • If rating is good:
    • Update less frequently to accumulate ratings.
    • More ratings = better sales
  • Crowd source translations (
  • Use DCMA Guardian to help send takedown notices if your app is being pirated.

Adam Kirk (Calvetica)

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  • “Power” or “Simplicity”, not both.
  • The quality of your app is your marketing.
  • If your app isn’t getting talked about, open Xcode and make it better.
  • Release soon and often.
  • If your icon is clickable on Facebook, then it’ll be tappable on the App Store.
  • Releasing solid frequent updates sells more apps.
  • Building a lot of low ranking apps does not compare to having one high-ranking app.
  • Charging less has never helped to sell more.
  • Tinker/Learn
  • Big emphasis on PASSION

Kepa Auwae (Rocketcat Games/Hookchamp)

  • Review sites love niche games.
  • Get a forum account on GameArcade and talk about your game.
  • 99c price point only works if your game is for a wide audience. Otherwise make it $2.99
  • Don’t do updates. Do another game instead.
  • Updates only add sales with >100,000 users
  • Don’t release a game right before Christmas, publishers rule the charts at this time.
  • Set all your promotions to hit in the first few days of release (Max 3)

Shaun Inman (Fever/Mint/Last Rocket)

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  • Identify failures, correct as you go.
  • If you encounter a problem you can’t handle, unplug (Ludum Dare).
  • “Failure is only failure if it’s allowed to stand as the last step in the process.”

Dave Howell (Air Sharing)

  • Trademark your name and icon.
  • Submit while testing & localising “What’s New”. Check the “Hold for Developer Release” checkbox.
  • Don’t cheat to use private API methods, this can get your license revoked.
  • Don’t enable behaviour after Apple’s review.
  • Don’t change behaviour based on Apples IPv4 range.
  • Discoverability is tied to keywords, name, icon, description, screenshots.
  • Influence the influencers.
  • PR, ads, social media.
  • Get featured: study featured apps and follow their example.
  • Adopt new iOS features, even if it doesn’t make a lot of sense. This helps you get featured.
  • Advertise to Apple employees (this apparently didn’t work).

Julian Lepinski (Pano)

  • The best way to motivate a designer is to do your own design.
  • Copy copiously (not in the bad way, though).
    • No settings in-app (Apple)
    • Communicate clearly with customers (Panic)
  • Talk about your app.
  • There still aren’t a ton of great apps out there.
  • Talk to your users.
  • How Not to Die - Paul Graham
  • Don’t stop (and don’t slow down).

Raphael Schaad (Flipboard)

  • Design is like chess: you kill a lot of pawns before you get to the king.
  • It’s all the small things that matter.
  • Don’t be bitter

A venn diagram representing where bitterness can occur.

  • Team up.
  • You’ve gotta ship.
  • Ideate with everybody. Execute with a great team. Release with booze.

Matt Rix (Trainyard)

  • Build something to learn your tools.
  • When others are being featured or reviewed, just keep improving your app.
  • Luck - none of the factors for getting reviewed are actually random.
  • Be prepared to capitalise on your big moment.
  • Do your research on the App Store.
  • Delight your users.
  • Include easter eggs in your app (this will help with people talking about the app).
  • The amount of effort it takes to develop and easter egg compared to the amount of effect it could have is huge.
  • Determine your personal goals and write them somewhere you can see.
  • Work towards your goal every day.
  • Work on projects you enjoy, projects that excite you.

Justin Williams (Second Gear/Elements/FuckingNDA)

  • Do what you love (even if it means “selling out”).


  • “We don’t care to develop for users who don’t have taste” – Adam Kirk, re: Developing for Android
  • “If it’s not a feature or a platform you’ll use, then don’t develop for it.” – Shaun Inman
  • “Pubishers can accelerate success, but not cause it.” – Matt Rix
  • The brand you’ve built around your app or your company is on of your most important assets.
  • Advertising apps doesn’t work (everyone seems to agree on this).
  • The best advertising you can do is to try to be featured by Apple.

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